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Wrestling - Beardsley Middle School

Welcome to Beardsley's wrestling program!

I'm excited to coach wrestling again and to see the potential of Beardsley wrestlers.  I've been involved in wrestling for over 35 years.  Starting in middle school (Lundahl) and wrestling in high school (C.L. South), I then began coaching when I started teaching.  Both my son and daughter were wrestlers on my team at Lundahl and is a sport my family enjoys.  I look forward to working with the team this year to try and bring out the best in all of us.


This page will provide basic information about the program, however, I will expect the team to get the information they need at practice when it's provided.

What's needed to be on the team?

  • Sign up on, which will require your sports physical information.  If you're in 6th grade you're already set. These can be done at Walgreens.
  • Show up to practice (First day is Jan. 8rd.  If you can't make it the first day contact me or attend the next practice.)
  • Pay the sports fee of $54 (Due one week before our first match, Jan. 20th)
  • Pass all your classes ("D" is passing, "F" is not)
  • Your own wrestling shoes and headgear, we will supply the singlet.  All of which will be required by the first meet.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Quick Notes:​​​  

Gobble gobble, but not too much or you'll wobble wobble!

Frederick Kaiser - Lundahl Middle School

2 ways to join the team:

  • On-line through Google Classroom.
    • Add/join a class - code: 1sqror
    • Fill out the Form
    • Everyone on the team will eventually join this "class" and fill out the information.  This will be the primary way I will have communication to the wrestlers for the season.
  • Show up to practice and we'll get you signed up there.