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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Quick Notes:​​​  

It's easy to be different, 

but it's difficult to be better!

Frederick Kaiser - Lundahl Middle School

Kaiser Trivia

Born in California 1965   
6 ft. tall
Blue eyes   
Left handed but mostly ambidextrous   
Oldest of 3 (Younger brother - Chris & even younger sister - Kathryn)    

Wife - Trish
                Aggressive soccer player year round
                Black belt
                Ex-police officer
                Writes poetry and children's stories and hopes to get published someday
    Daughter - Corryn
                Works for Congencia Marketing Group
                Ex Lundahl wrestler, track and field, Fitness Marathoner, 3 time 24 Hour Runner
                & Martial Arts
                CLC Tennis, Track & Field (sprinter & pole vaulter)
                Great cook
    Son - Ben
                School - MCC
                Ski Jumper (U.S. Ski Team) -
  (Ranked 12th in U.S.) Norge Ski Club

  Game designer & Programing
  Ex Lundahl wrestler, Fitness Marathoner, 3 time 24 Hour Runner
                Ex Soccer player
                Trampoline fanatic
                Nature lover
                Slack lining
    Chihuahua called Disney

    South Elementary
    Lundahl Middle School
    South High School class of 1983
    McHenry County College - 1 year
    Eastern Illinois University
                Bachelors of Science in Physical Education
                Minor in Health Education
                Specialization in coaching
    Northern Illinois University
                Masters of Science in School Administration

    Track & Field - Lundahl (mile, long & high jump)
    Wrestling - Lundahl (83 lbs. 8th gd.), CLS (155 lbs. Sr. year)
    Soccer - CLS first two years they offered the program, left side midfielder
    Martial Arts - College.  6th degree black belt instructor (Style - Sho-Ryn-Ryu Kempo)
    Other sports of interest:  diving, skiing (water and snow), climbing, spelunking (caving)
    The only sports I watch are the Olympics    

Growing up
    San Diego, Palatine and Crystal Lake
    Played outside a lot
    Skateboarded - when I started the wheels were metal
    Taught myself how to juggle and ride a 6 ft. unicycle
    Swim all summer and became a lifeguard/pool manager at Turnberry Country Club - back when they had a high dive
   Took things apart to see how they worked
    Wanted to be an astronaut
    Tried to be a model in college - got published in two magazines
    Photography and developed my own B&W prints in my darkroom and would sell them
    Also became a wedding photographer and portrait photographer
    Tried to make money making or selling just about anything (this helped build the foundation to developing and owning
   Think Ink, inc. Screen Printing & Graphic Design, and Endorphin Adventures, inc.)

    Not big on asparagus or cauliflower
    I like soft foods not crunchy
    I usually over stuff myself

   I always run stairs (I think it's easier than walking them)
    Reorganize my food before I eat it. It also takes me forever to make the perfect sandwich.
    My family growing up use to fight to eat bone marrow for an appetizer
    I sneeze in bright light    

    Rocky II
    Shakespeare in Love
    Monty Python and the Holly Grail

    Not much of a reader, I'm a visual person
But I did get a book published, "The 24 Hour Run Experience"

​Hobbies as a kid
    Sports and being active
    Collected bones - I know, it's creepy
    See also "Growing Up"

Hobbies as an adult
    Entering adventure races when possible
    Wood working and joinery

Think Ink, inc.
    Started the business in college to make money for spring break with a friend of mine.   Graphic design and screen 
    printing for textiles (clothing - t-shirts, jackets, hats, etc.)
    Established in 1986
    Family owned and employed
    I go there everyday after school and all day all summer
    We've printed for Fortune 500 companies and internationally
    Come by sometime and I'll give a tour of how shirts are printed

Endorphin Adventures, inc.
    Started the business with a good friend and physical education teacher Brian Schweitzer, to promote risk taking   
    through physical activity and the positive impact it can have on people.
    Established in 2012-2017
    Development of the "Rundezvous - Frontier Survival Race"
    Corporate and School presentations on motivation, risk taking, and team building

    Nickname - Frontier, given to me in college because of my problem solving skills with little to no resources, usually
    pertaining to the outdoors.
​    Cancer - At age 36 I had skin cancer with level 4 malignant melanoma (not good, this is the bad stuff!) 2x6 inch section
of skin  removed from my shoulder down to the muscle.  Since then things have been good.  Now I try to stay out of
the sun and wear a hat. Too much life guarding and seeing who could get the darkest tan.   
  I don't watch or follow sports.  I'd rather participate, plus I don't have time to keep up with them.
    No caffeine for me, I gave it up when I had the cancer scare and I don't miss it at all.
    Tried out for "Survivor" three times, no call backs - bummer!
    Been on TV news four times - for good reasons.
    Ordained Minister - I get to perform marriages!