​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Quick Notes:​​​  

It's easy to be different, 

but it's difficult to be better!

Frederick Kaiser - Lundahl Middle School

Interesting Links

The following are links to things I thought were interesting as a physical education teacher, a parent, or just plain cool.

Team Hoyt: One of the most inspirational stories of a father and son race team that will make you want to do better in any challenges you are faced with.
Dean Karnazes: One of the fittest and top long distant runners in the world. He continuously pushes the limits of what the human body can accomplish.
Knot Skills: Useful skills that everyone should have, and this site does a great job of illustrating techniques.
GeoCaching: If you like scavenger hunts, the outdoors, seeing new places, and technology, then geocaching is a great way to do it all.
​Map My Run: Set courses and/or keep track of your training through this site and their App.
REI: Recreational Equipment Inc. - A great outdoors store for adventure seekers.
Erehwon: “Nowhere” spelled backwards - A great outdoors store for adventure seekers.
Boomerangs by Vic:  I saw this guy on YouTube on how to make boomerangs and it's pretty cool what he does.  Because of 

this, my son and I have made a bunch of them in my wood shop and they work great!

Darebee - Fitness Made Easy:  I came across this website and thought they did a great job graphically showing interesting workouts, challenges, motivation, etc. on posters.  Visit the site and take on one of their challenges!